Holiday Recipes

Curried Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Chutney

This sweet and tart cranberry chutney adds a delicious seasonal twist to this holiday meal.

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Dave’s Herb-Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffing mushrooms just makes something wonderful even better! But what you stuff in these tasty little vegetables can make or…

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Celery with Apricot Blue Cheese Spread

Crunchy, sweet celery is a versatile snack food, just right for this flavorful spread. Filled with dried fruit and nuts,…

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Chunky Garbanzo Bean Dip

Lemon pepper and chopped onion make this a zesty dip that you can use with vegetables or other foods.

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Pea Guacamole

While avocados tend to get all the guacamole glory, sometimes they’re not available, not ripe, or just too expensive! Check…

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Buffalo White Bean Hummus with Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Enjoy these nutritious, crunchy chips with our creamy, four-ingredient, pantry-friendly dip any day of the week.

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Velvety Avocado Pesto Dip

Guacamole lovers won’t be able to resist this creamy avocado dip with flavorful accents of basil and pine nuts. Enjoy…

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Apple Cinnamon Bars

Apples are sandwiched between two cinnamon crumb layers for a delicious treat.

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Fudgy Fruit

Fruit, nuts, and chocolate. Do we need to say more?

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