Spring Into Outdoor Safety

Spring is a busy time for the whole family, and keeping our kids healthy and safe during outdoor play is a top priority. The pediatricians of UHC’s medical staff have provided a quick checklist to help you stay ahead of the game.


Shield illustration

Before jumping into fun, look around for broken or damaged equipment at the playground and make sure your child has the proper equipment for neighborhood play, such as bike riding, street hockey, outdoor roller skating, and more. Although the days are getting warmer, it is important to wear appropriate clothes and shoes to avoid sunburn, bee stings, and accidents. Make sure to wash off sunscreen and bug spray before bedtime.

  • Test outdoor toys before using.
  • Wear helmets, elbow and knee pads, and appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor sports.
  • Apply sunscreen, an SPF 15 or greater, 30 minutes before heading outside. Apply every two hours.
  • Wear bug spray and check for nests in areas where children are playing. Avoid foods that attract insects.


Drink illustration

Children, and even adults, need proper hydration during active play. The amount of water intake for kids depends on age. Girls and boys between 4 and 8 years old should drink 5 cups a day. However, the amount increases as they get older. Kids 9 to 13 years old should drink anywhere from 7 to 8 cups. When it comes to snacking, packing nutritious food not only gives your kids the energy they need, but it also creates healthy habits.

  • Drink enough water before heading outdoors.
  • Pack a water bottle and a healthy snack when heading to the playground.

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