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Healthy Eating on a Budget Pt. 2

Feb 24, 2023

Welcome back to UHC’s House Call on WDTV. Michelle DuVall with the clinical nutrition department at UHC talks about helping you eat healthy on a budget.

1). Is it possible to save money when it comes to your herb and spice rack?

Walking down the spice and herb isle at the grocery store and reviewing the prices can certainly be intimidating. However, you can really stretch your budget by growing herbs like basil and oregano inside your home. This tip will only cost you a fraction of the price that you will find at the grocery store. Small gardens can be grown on a windowsill or a kitchen counter. Your children and grandchildren will also want to get involved with this project.

2). Fresh fruits and vegetables can be unaffordable. What can you do to ensure that you are getting the nutrients that you need?

Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are a great healthy alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find that frozen and canned products…

  • Typically cost less
  • Last longer
  • Often have resealable packaging
  • Allows you to buy “off-season” for cheaper

Also, remember that grocery stores rotate their frozen and canned food sales. So buy what is on sale, this is a great way to save money and get variety, too.

3). What are some easy ways to save on your grocery bill, but are often overlooked by most consumers?

Most consumers often overlook...

  • Saving money by buying larger quantities of foods that store well such as grains, canned or dried beans, and frozen vegetables. However, do not overbuy foods that you will throw out later.
  • Also, take advantage of store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and app rewards. App rewards cam allow you to scan your receipts to save points and get gift cards for many different retailers.
  • Store brands can save you money. It may seem like pennies, but the savings quickly adds up. You may even be able to check the produce section for “gently bruised” or special markdowns.

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