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How contagious is my child

Nov 17, 2023

Welcome back to UHC’s House Call on WDTV. Dr. David F. Hess, CEO of United Hospital Center, talks about flu season.

1). How contagious is my child with flu?

People with flu may be able to infect others from one day before getting sick or showing symptoms up to five to seven days after. Severely ill people or young children may be able to spread the flu longer, especially if symptoms persist.

2). Is it okay to return to school or day care, even if my child may still show signs of the flu?

It is important that your child stay home to rest and to avoid spreading flu to other children or caregivers. Some people, especially young children, and people with weakened immune systems, might be able to infect others for an even longer period.

3). When can my child go back to school after having flu?

Children with the flu should be isolated in the home, away from other people. They should also stay home until they have no fever without the use of fever-control medicines. Remember, a fever is defined as 100°F (37.8°C)* or higher. Keep your child home from school or day care for at least 24 hours after their fever is gone.

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