Stillbirth Awareness Internet Question

Oct 04, 2019

What Can Be Done?

The causes of many stillbirths are unknown. Stillbirth occurs in families of all races, ethnicities, and income levels, and to women of all ages. However, there are things that a woman can do before and during pregnancy to increase her chance of having a healthy baby:

  • Be sure that medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are under control before and during pregnancy.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes during pregnancy.
  • Strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight before pregnancy.
  • During the last trimester of pregnancy, make sure to report any change in your baby’s movements. You should be able to feel 10 movement an hour.

CDC works to learn more about who might have a stillbirth and why. CDC tracks how often stillbirth occurs and looks at the causes of stillbirth. Knowledge about the potential causes of stillbirth can be used to create recommendations, policies, and services to help prevent stillbirth.

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