Ultra-Processed Foods Internet Question

Aug 30, 2019

Let’s compare ultra-processed lunch and dinner with an unprocessed lunch or dinner?

Examples of Ultra processed foods that are often eaten at lunch or dinner include canned beef ravioli, white bread with margarine, cookies, instant potatoes, gravy, chocolate milk, chips, hotdogs, boxed macaroni and cheese and Soda.

Consider switching to the following unprocessed lunch and dinner menu item.

Fresh or frozen vegetables, lean fresh or frozen meat, fresh fruits, and whole grains such as rice pilaf, bulgur and quinoa can provide a host of vitamins.

A good snack choice is a small serving of nuts instead of chips or cookies.

Finally, read the labels of what you drink – stick to water most of the time!

These alternatives are very filling and you may find that you will consume less calories without being hungry.

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