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Physical Activity in Children, Part III

May 31, 2024

Kids need physical activity to grow up strong and healthy. Daily exercise can even help them feel better. Joining us is a physical therapist from United Hospital Center’s United Rehab to help answer your questions concerning physical activity for children.

I am Dr. Kristen Sepp, physical therapist at United Rehab, and I am here to discuss the importance of physical activity for children.

1). How does playing sports provide your child benefits beyond physical health?

Playing sports teaches kids the skills they need to succeed in life. So help your kids get in the game, as participation in sports teaches your child:

  • How to focus
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Work ethic

2). How do you get your child interested in sports?

It’s all about finding the right sport and the right level of competition for your child. Encourage your child to try a variety of sports during the year. This can help kids to find sports they really love and lower their risk of overuse injury.

Remember, kids and teens need a least 60 minutes of activity every day. Participation in sports can help your child to get the weekly physical activity needed through practices, which makes activity a part of a routine. Sports can also give kids all three types of activity they need:

  • Aerobic
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Bone strengthening

3). How can you make sports work for your family?

Youth sports can be a big commitment but, it does not have to be. Look for free or low-cost leagues and classes. Choose local teams that don’t travel for games.

However, the best idea is to play sports with your kids and get active together. When kids run, jump, climb, skate, swim, and play, they get the mix of activities they need to be healthy.

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