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Physical Activity in Children, Part II

May 24, 2024

Kids need physical activity to grow up strong and healthy. Daily exercise can even help them feel better. Joining us is a physical therapist from United Hospital Center’s United Rehab to help answer your questions concerning physical activity for children.

I am Dr. Kristen Sepp, physical therapist at United Rehab, and I am here to discuss the importance of physical activity for children.

1). What about kids who are younger than six, what type of exercise is appropriate?

Younger kids love to be active. So, aim to keep children at this age moving three hours a day or more. It is also important at this stage of their development to limit time when they’re sitting (such as screen time).

2). So, what kind of physical activity counts?

Anything that gets your child moving.

  • Encourage your child to have activity play with friends
  • Give your child rewards for active chores
  • Sign your child up for free or low-cost sports or classes

3). Does parental involvement in your child’s physical activity make a difference?

Absolutely, parental involvement is important when it comes to your child’s physical activity. Get active as a family by:

  • Making your morning walks a race
  • Dancing with your children while dinner is in the oven
  • Show your child some of your favorite ways to move or exercise

Most importantly, help your child to find activities they really enjoy. All physical activity adds up, and so do the benefits. By helping your child find activities that they enjoy now, they’ll build healthy habits for life. So, take the first step to get your kids moving and when you can, move with them.

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