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Physical Activity During Pregnancy, Part II

May 10, 2024

Welcome back to UHC’s House Call on WDTV. Dr. Kristen Sepp, a physical therapist at United Rehab, is here to discuss the importance of physical activity during pregnancy.

1). What physical activity should I avoid during pregnancy?

Most activities are still safe to continue while pregnant through delivery. Just avoid:

  • Contact sports and anything where you could fall or get hit in in the stomach
  • Lying flat on your back during activity after the first trimester (it can cause problems with blood flow)

You can find ways to modify your favorite physical activities—like propping yourself up with a pillow when you’d normally be on your back.

2). How does one know what physical activity is right?

Listen to your body. If an activity doesn’t feel right, try a modification or another type of activity. Remember, any form of activity is helpful- so find a way that works best for you! If you’re not sure where to start, try adding a bit more walking to your day. Walking is safe and easy, and you can do it almost anywhere.

3). What if I still have more questions?

Prenatal checkups are a great time to talk about physical activity with your medical professional. Consider asking these questions:

  • How can being active help me have a healthier pregnancy?
  • What activities would you recommend for me?
  • Would I benefit from an evaluation by a Physical Therapist prior to or after delivery?

No matter how active you were before pregnancy, or what stage of pregnancy—you can find the right physical activity for you.

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